2 comments for “What Was With Those Special Elections?

  1. mwr
    June 22, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    First of all, please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your upcoming waiting. Don’t worry, the dysfunctional news will still be there when you post podcasts!
    I had an 8th grade teacher who told us (40 years ago) that every time we read a newspaper we are reading propaganda. So I caught on to the problems very early on. These days, I am thoroughly convinced that journalism has “dumbed down” – the credentials of these so-called analysts that you mentioned are examples of why I do not listen to them . As a reader of history, I want facts and context when I hear the news and am not going to get it from most of the available news sources. To that end, I do not listen to CNN nor their so-called analysts, do listen to NPR (with critical filters), and get my news from reasonable sources such as the Economist, Wall Street Journal, again critically.

    Another podcast worth listening to is My History can Beat Up Your Politics which gives gives political history context to current events. If there are other high level history podcasts, I’d love to know.
    I have been very impressed with the podcasts so far and look forward to hearing more!
    Keep up the good work!

    PS– I have your History of Rome books… well done!

  2. Kristen
    August 21, 2017 at 11:50 am

    I really like your podcasts and have been a long time fan. I did want to note here though that one of the biggest arguments that conservatives make against educated people having a liberal opinion is that they believe education is all controlled by the liberals. It’s super frustrating because it’s the same scheme as Fox News saying that all of their opponents are not fair and balanced and they are. And, truth be told, having a high degree of education beyond high school or a bachelor’s degree is a privilege not accessible to everyone, so those without can tend to lean away from education and towards what they call “common sense” but oft times that “common sense” is a fallacy created by nostalgia goggles. What do you think we can do to convince people that you can’t trust higher levels of education of facts at all?

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